• Cemetery of San Isidro

    Cemetery of San Isidro

    Assembly in different phases of European scaffolding for the restoration of part of the wall of San Isidro Cemetery.

  • Street Post

    Correos Street – Madrid

    Installation of scaffold in the central street of Correos, Madrid, adjoining the Puerta del Sol, approximately 900m² of European scaffolding for facade cleaning. Work carried out in a very short period of time due to the complexity and situation of the street.

  • Gobelas 35

    Gobelas Street

    Assembly realized in street Gobelas, ARAVACA, 1340m² assembly of European scaffold in different phases for the cleaning of facades.

  • Embassy of Brazil

    Embassy of Brazil

    Assembly of European scaffolding at the Embassy of Brazil, located at Calle de Fernando el Santo. Work done cleaning and painting.